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5tara/ਪੰਜ ਤਾਰਾ

Keeping Our Desi Roots Alive

Restaurant of the year 2023-Winner Good Food Awards -Recommended by BBC

अभी बुक करें


In Picture:You can see glimpses of some old Dhaba’s from punjab and delhi

5tara “Panj Tara”As a part of the food community and representing a culture of a diverse country our major aspect is to revive our flavours back and engage the people with the root flavours and not being anglicized.

5tara is named after punjab the land of traditional flavours.The (panch pyaare) devotees of the god who help the world to be a better place.we attempt to make people aware about the right spices which is used in north indian cuisne and how the cultural flavours tastesour partial contribution goes to our hardworking farmers who works endlessly to feed the masses.a community  where nobody sleeps empty stomch and love is spread to eternity,we wish to contribute and walk in to the right footsteps living the rich food history.

The Dhaba Culture

Dhabas are iconic roadside eateries, known for their delicious Punjabi cuisine, rustic ambiance, and warm hospitality. These culinary hotspots offer a taste of Punjab's rich culture and are cherished for their flavorful dishes and vibrant atmosphere.

The best way to experience Indian food is not by going to a fancy restaurant but rather enjoying it in a small restaurant or a kiosk. Street food is part of Indian culture.

Every state in India has a popular street food you can find.

So enjoy the tour of the most mouthwatering street foods of India.


अभी बुक करें

गिफ्ट कार्ड

Food & Drinks

खाना और पानी

Pooch Menu

कुत्ते का मेनू

We Are Dog Friendly

Upcoming Events

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Our Contributions Towards Farmers

A Better Community 

किसानों के प्रति हमारा योगदान

Let’s Breakdown the barriers and celeberate the differences 

Artists Corner

कलाकारों का कोना

“ साथ मिलकर हम मजबूत हैं ”


10% of 5tara’s Monthly Sales are Donated towards the Welfare of the Farmers in India .

We Believe to take care of the people who nurture the masses without expecting anything back.

5तारा की मासिक बिक्री का 10% भारत में किसानों के कल्याण के लिए दान किया जाता है।

हम उन लोगों की देखभाल करने में विश्वास करते हैं जो बिना कुछ वापस पाने की उम्मीद किए जनता का पोषण करते हैं!


5तारा Sumup Artists is a progressive campaign, which helps our artists all around India to get an extra aid after covid-19 .
A lot have lost their businesses, jobs and close ones and all the hopes of every turning normal again.
Our campaign helps them creative minds:-
-We buy their work(clothing) and pay them 3x the price on the making and cover all the shipping costs involved .
-You can help support them enaging with our sump artist corner merged with our shop. in Duke street ,Sheffield.

Cheers To The Old Way!


You Just Have To Take The Bottles/Cans Back With You

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