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About Us / हमारे बारे में


   Reviving Traditional Flavours

 Our primary goal is to bring back the authentic and traditional flavours of North Indian cuisine, specifically from Punjab. This focus on maintaining the original tastes and not Anglicising the food is important in preserving the culture and heritage.


Cultural Awareness

We aim to educate people about the spices and ingredients used in North Indian cuisine, as well as how these cultural flavours taste. This not only helps people appreciate the richness of the cuisine but also promotes cultural understanding.


Honouring Farmers

 We acknowledge and support the hardworking farmers who play a crucial role in producing the ingredients for your food. This shows a commitment to the community and the importance of sustainable sourcing.


Community and Charity

We emphasise the importance of ensuring that nobody sleeps with an empty stomach. This could indicate a commitment to giving back to the community and providing for those in need. Additionally, we mention of spreading love to eternity suggests a focus on building a community around food.


Preserving Food History

We express a desire to live the rich food history and walk in the right footsteps, indicating a commitment to preserving and promoting the culinary heritage of the region.


Our mission and vision appear to revolve around the idea of not just serving food but also promoting culture, community, and sustainability. These are admirable goals that can contribute to a richer and more meaningful food experience for your patrons.

About: About Us

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